In Celebration of 100 Years of Oxford Degrees for Women

agw women

The University of Oxford has a rich and distinguished history of women in economic and social history. The earliest women in the discipline did not receive degrees for their work as undergraduates but they taught and mentored generations of students, produced ground-breaking research, and contributed significantly to moulding an emerging discipline. They were followed by several women whose pioneering research has made them trailblazers in economic and social history.

In celebration of 100 years of Oxford Degrees for Women, current ESH DPhil Student Urvi Khaitan gave an excellent presentation describing women in Economic and Social History at Oxford during the 2020 Annual Graduate Workshop. This presentation outlines the careers of some key Oxford women in ESH: A. E. Levett, Lynda Grier, C. Violet Butler, Julia de Lacy Mann, Joan Thirsk, Ann Kussmaul, and Jane Humphries.