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Graduate Study

Oxford is a renowned international centre for the study of economic and social history. It brings together economists and historians, trained in their own disciplines and employed in separate faculties, but committed to  inter-disciplinary dialogue. The Centre is home to Oxford's internationally renowned graduate programmes in Economic and Social History: the MSc in Economic and Social History, the MPhil in Economic and Social History, and the DPhil programme.  

The MSc in Economic and Social History is one of the leading qualifications in the subject and is taught over one year. Those wishing to lay the foundation for research in a DPhil usually study for the MPhil over two years before progressing. Admissions and course details are here.

Both courses are taught within Oxford’s economic and social history research community, and involve a challenging mix of lectures and seminars, a workshop, and other activities. Students have access to Oxford research staff from both the Economics Department and History Faculty, and attend the weekly research seminar which attracts leading scholars from around the world. 

Our Masters programmes welcome prospective students with appropriate levels of attainment from all humanities, science, and social science backgrounds. There are good links with related programmes at Oxford, (such as classical economic history, situated within the School of Archaeology). This interdisciplinarity makes our research community exceptional intellectually diverse. Within the Department of Economics, the 2-year MPhil in Economics also provides an excellent foundation for research in a DPhil across all fields of economics, including economic history. 

Undergraduate Study

Oxford offers a History & Economics programme at undergraduate level. You can find out more about the programme here.

Visiting Scholars

The Centre helps to involve visiting scholars and fellows in the activities of our group. These scholars are visiting Oxford through existing schemes run by Oxford colleges, the History Faculty, and the Dept. for Economics.