Dr Sabine Schneider

Dr Sabine Schneider is LSE Fellow in the Department of Economic History at the London School of Economics. Her research interests are in international economic history since 1800 and the history of state-building, financial crises, monetary policy, and economic diplomacy. She received her PhD and MPhil from the University of Cambridge, and prior to joining the LSE held the Rank-Manning Junior Research Fellowship at New College, Oxford.

She is currently working on her book War, Finance & Diplomacy: Germany and the Politics of the International Gold Standard, 1834-1914. The study examines the political economy of Germany s path to monetary union, from the creation of the Zollverein in 1834 to the outbreak of the First World War. Based on collections from over twenty archives, the book investigates Germanys transition to a national gold currency, and its far-reaching impact on the country s financial and trading relations with Britain, Europe, and Asia. The ESRC-funded research on which War, Finance & Diplomacy is based was awarded Cambridge s Ellen McArthur Prize (2021) and was a Finalist of the Economic History Society s Thirsk-Feinstein Prize (2021) .

Dr Schneider has a keen interest in the relevance of history to public policy, and in recent years has coordinated the ECR Development Seminar at OCESH, a two-day conference on Credit, Currency & Commerce: New Perspectives in Financial and Monetary History, and a policy roundtable on Central Banking and International Cooperation: Lessons from the Great Recession and the Covid-19 Crisis .

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