Dr Rebecca Simson

Rebecca is the David Richards Junior Research Fellow in Economic History at Wadham College. Her research explores social and economic processes of change in postcolonial Africa, with a focus on social mobility, social stratification and elite formation since independence. Rebecca has a PhD in economic history from the London School of Economics. She previously held an ESRC postdoctoral fellowship at LSE and the Economic History Society Anniversary Fellowship at the Institute of Historical Research.



Simson, R. (2019) ‘Ethnic (in)equality in the public services of Kenya and Uganda,’ African Affairs, 118 (470): 75-100.

Simson, R. (2018) ‘Africa’s clientelist budget policies revisited: public expenditure and employment in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, 1960-2010,’ Economic History Review

Simson, R. and Savage, M. (forthcoming) ‘The global significance and national inequality decline’, accepted for publication, Third World Quarterly


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