Dr Peter Dewey

Peter Dewey graduated from the universities of Exeter and Reading, and was appointed lecturer in economic history at Royal Holloway, University of London in 1974, retiring as Emeritus Reader in Economic History in 2002. He was awarded the T. S. Ashton Prize by the Economic History Society in 1975, and the Alexander Prize by the Royal Historical Society in 1979. He was Secretary of the British Agricultural History Society from 1998–2000. He has published extensively in leading history journals, and has written three books: British Agriculture in the First World War (Routledge, 1989), War and Progress: Britain 1914–1945 (Longman, 1996), and 'Iron Harvests of the Field': The Making of Farm Machinery in Britain since 1800 (Carnegie, 2008). He is currently working on a biography of A. G. Street, the farmer-author, and on the history of Mason & Barry, a copper mining company