Professor Avner Offer

Avner Offer is Chichele Professor Emeritus of Economic History at Oxford, and a Fellow of All Souls College and the British Academy. Born and educated in Israel, Oxford D.Phil. in 1979. He initially studied land tenure and the economics of war, and published Property and Politics 1870-1914 (CUP, 1981), and The First World War: An Agrarian Interpretation (OUP, 1989). Subsequently he  focused on consumption and the quality of life and published The Challenge of Affluence: Self-control and Well-Being in the United States and Britain since 1950 (OUP, 2006) as well as studies of the social determinants of obesity.  His latest book is The Nobel Factor: The Prize in Economics, Social Democracy and the Market Turn (Princeton, 2016).  

Research Interests:

Time horizons as determinants of the private/public boundary. This is in preparation for the Ellen MacArthur lectures in Cambridge in Michaelmas 2018 on ‘Time Horizons as Market Boundaries’. Also an interest in 19th Century landscape painting in its relation to social, cultural and technological determinants. 

Personal webpage: 

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