Dr Sabine Schneider awarded Ellen McArthur Prize in Economic History

Dr Sabine Schneider (New College, Oxford) has been awarded the Ellen McArthur Prize in Economic History at the University of Cambridge. The Ellen McArthur Prize has been awarded since 1933 for the best doctoral theses in economic history, following the bequest of Ellen McArthur (1862-1927), who lectured in History at Cambridge and the London School of Economics.

Dr Schneider’s thesis, entitled Imperial Germany and the Politics of the International Gold Standard, 1834-1879, examined Germany’s path to monetary union in the nineteenth century, and its far-reaching impact on the country’s financial and trading relations with Britain and Europe. Based on collections from over twenty archives, the study advances a revised account of Germany’s pre-war role in the world monetary system and sheds new light on the politics of state-building in modern Europe. In addition to the Ellen McArthur Prize, Dr Schneider is a recent Finalist of the 2021 Thirsk-Feinstein Prize of the Economic History Society.