Debin Ma Appointed to Professorship in Economic History in Oxford

The Oxford Centre for Economic and Social History is pleased to announce that Debin Ma has been appointed to a Professorship in Economic History in Oxford.

Professor Ma is an expert on the long-term economic growth of East Asia, especially China. His research interests include global history; the international comparison of living standards; institutions, legal traditions, and ideology; human capital and productivity; and the economic history of the silk industry. He has published widely on Asian economic history and is the co-editor of the Cambridge Economic History of China. He currently has a large research project on “Environment, Geography, Institutions and Long-Term Development of China in Comparison with Japan”.

Professor Ma will join the faculty at Oxford from January 2022. As part of his appointment, Professor Ma will also become a Fellow of All Souls College. Professor Ma joins us from the Hitotsubashi University in Japan, and currently holds visiting professorships at the London School of Economics and at Fudan University in Shanghai.